Wagon Drill JRD-120 (DTH)

Wagon Drill JRD-120(DTH) :

JRD - 120 Wagon Drill, capable for Drilling 90-115mm dia holes to a depth of 36mts. Used in open Cast mines for drilling and blasting purposes. Pneumatic Drifter can be mounted to carry out Drifter Drilling. Mounted on Rugged Box Frame, Fitted on wheels for easy shifting from hole to hole can drill holes from Vertical to Horizontal. The drills are available to handle 76mm dia x 2 mtrs. (6 1/2 ft) & 3 mtrs.(10 ft) drill pipes.

Special Features :

Stable drilling capabilities
Structurals designed for extra rigidity
Base frame in box - construction
Anchoring arrangement ensures perfect stability during drilling
Rear wheel swivelable by 90o to prevent movement during toe hole drilling
Effectively braked wheels with telescopic adjustable stabilizers in the front, holding the unit firmly
Locking arrangement between mast and boom provides extra rigidity
Easy maneuverability - both in manual and self propulsion modes
Centralized sensitive controls with Auto feed arrangement ensure easy operation and reduction of operators fatigue
Rotation and winch units modified to provide additional power for faster drilling and rapid withdrawals, longer tool life etc.
Heavy duty steel castings & Forgings
Precision machined components
Durable alloy Bronze bush bearings supported by sturdy retaining rings
Heavy duty rotation gear box with involute profile gear tooth, duly corrected to prevent failure
Rigid out-put shaft with extra bearings support and thicker thread profile
Specially designed fluid seal to prevent Air leakages
Mode of Drilling Down the Hole Air Hammer
Hole Diameter 90mm ~ 115mm (3 ½” ~ 4½”)
Max. Drilling Depth 36 mtrs. (120 ft)
Drill Pipe Diameter 76mm ( 3”)
Drill Pipe Length 3mtrs. (10ft) (optional 2 mtrs (6ft))
Rotary Head
4 Cylinder Piston type Air Motor with spur type Reduction Gearbox
BHP 4.5
RPM 0~50
Max. Torque 1125Nm (10,000 inlbs).
Feed Unit
4 Cylinder Piston type Air Motor with spur cum worm drive combination Gearbox
BHP 4.5
Type of Feed Chain feed
Pull Down Force 0~2200 kgf
Pull Up Force 0~2200 kgf
Pull Up & Pull Down Speed 0~ 15 mtrs./min
Air Compressor (Recommended)
Free Air Delivery 12.7 m3/min (450 cfm)
Working Pressure 10.5 kg/cm2 (150 psi)
Self Propulsion Unit
4 Cylinder-Piston Type Air Motor with spur cum worm drive Combination Gearbox.
Traction Type Pneumatic Wheel Drive
BHP 6.0
Tramming Speed Max. 2.0 Km/h
Ground Clearance 310 (10”)
Air Line Lubricator
General Dimensions & Weight
Mast Length 2 Mtrs. Drill 3 Mtrs. Drill
Size of drill Rod 76mm dia 76mm dia
Rotation Unit Traverse 2.34 Mtrs. 3.34 Mtrs.
Height ( Mast Raised ) 3.6 Mtrs. 4.6 Mtrs.
Height (Mast Lowered) 900 mm 900 mm
Length (Mast Lowered) 3960 mm 4960 mm
Length (Mast Raised) 3100 mm 3500 mm
Mast Lateral swivel +15o +15o
Width 1800 mm 2040 mm
Min Heights for horizontal Drilling from ground level 0.5 Mtrs. 0.5 Mtrs.
Max Heights for horizontal Drilling from ground level 1.80 Mtrs. 1.80 Mtrs.
Weight 1.15 Tons 1.25 Tons